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Retreat Details

This specific event is for people involved in 12 Step Recovery programs, including Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Al-anon, Nar-anon, Families Anonymous, Codependents Anonymous (CODA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and Overeaters Anonymous (GA).

12 Step Retreats will offer Ocean Therapy, but less intensive therapy than some of our other retreats.  Optional private therapy sessions are available and encouraged.


This is an opportunity to work on deeper issues as part of working a solid program, especially steps 4-8 including:

  • self-exploration
  • trust, risk, faith, release
  • beginning the change process with the help of a Higher Power
  • forgiveness of self and others
  • letting go

If you are new to recovery, welcome!   Our retreat site is private and drug and alcohol free.   It is a safe place to feel and express your feelings with the support of others.  A retreat is not a substitute for detox or rehab.  Before coming to a retreat, we recommend that you are sober or abstinent for at least 30 days, and established with regular meeting attendance, a sponsor and home group.  When you venture into town, it is advisable to go along with those who will help support you in recovery.


If you don’t have a drug or alcohol issue, but belong to other 12 step fellowships, you won’t feel left out.  We assist each individual in exploring and working on issues at their own pace.  People in recovery with issues such as codependency, caretaking, workaholism, intimacy, family issues, low self-esteem and depression and those with many other issues benefit from our retreats.

The package includes Ocean Therapy program, lodging, meals, beverages, great staff, infinite white sandy beaches, crystal blue sea.  Travel to and from the retreat site is not included.  We encourage all participants to purchase travel insurance to protect their trip investment.  Please see the FAQ page for more details.

September 22-28, 2013

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Prices depending on availability:

Master suite with king bed $3100

Shared bedroom full bed $2750

Shared bedroom single bed $2600

Shared bedroom futon sofa bed $2300


Why are the retreats expensive?

This retreat is held at a private waterfront villa.  Privacy is important to fulfull our mission.  The price includes the cost of accommodations, food, and our full program including Ocean Therapy, groups, yoga and much more.

$500 deposit saves your space
Room Choice

More 12 Step Recovery Retreats are planned for 2014. Please email us at info@oceanbreezeretreats.com to let us know you are interested.

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