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About Ocean Breeze Retreats

Our staff includes a group of collaborative experts in the fields of psychotherapy, addictions, yoga and massage.  We are committed to helping you enhance your life emotionally, physically and spiritually.


As human beings we are not separate minds, bodies and spirits, neither individually or collectively.  We are whole.  We are not separate from nature or the universe. Although we are unified beings, sometimes we feel disconnected--isolated, alone or wounded.  Our lives can become stressful and overwhelming because of work or family responsibilities.  We may not feel there is time to care for ourselves or don’t know how.  Many of us engage in unhealthy addictions, compulsions and behaviors because we have lost touch with ourselves and others.  Some have yet to feel truly connected.


Our purpose at Ocean Breeze is to help you to connect deeply with yourself, others and your spirituality.  We are committed to your personal growth and well-being. 


Wholeness is defined as:


Containing all components


Not divided or disjoined; in one unit

A thing that is complete in itself







Recovered from a wound or injury


A unit considered together


A unified system



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Anne Bauche

Yoga and Wellness Teacher


Anne teaches from experience and deep understanding.  She helps students to develop a practice that promotes good health, balance, peace of mind and spirit.  She takes into account the different expectations and concerns of each student.  She believes in creating healthy and clear relationships with the students where words and actions build a safe and reliable space for everyone.  Her primary aim for retreat participants is to feel their bodies.

"Anne has a joyful spirit, wonderful compassion, and deep respect for others."

Please read more about Anne's expereince and education.


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Lisa Williams, MS, CADC


Lisa is co-founder and Director at Ocean Breeze Retreats.  She is an empathic, warm therapist accustomed to doing intensive work with clients.  Lisa is able to help people get to the root of their issues in a gentle but effective way.  She practices psychodynamic and experiential therapies to help a person clear away blocks to healing and connection in a powerful way.

Please read more about Lisa's experience and education.

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