Ocean Breeze Retreats

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Come spend a week with us in this tropical paradise--feel better about yourself and your life.

We provide unique, transformative experiences. Our retreats are safe and supportive.  We will help you return home feeling transformed and empowered. 

Who Comes to Our Retreats?


People who come to our retreats are from many different walks of life, but include those in 12 Step Recovery from addictions or codependency.  We offer more intensive therapy retreats for individuals struggling with issues such as codependency, abuse, grief or trauma. Many people struggle with intimacy and unwanted patterns in their lives. Maybe you feel stalled in your recovery or therapy. Do you need an emotional or spiritual tune up or major overhaul? Helping professionals especially need relief and TLC.  Some people come just to get away and learn more about themselves.

Why Come to a Retreat?

First of all, everyone needs to get away sometimes. Vacations are great. Maybe all you need is an escape. Our retreats are designed not only to get away, but to be transformative experiences. Whether you are new to recovery or therapy, or have spent many years working on yourself, you probably can use some emotional intensive care.


Outpatient therapy is now available either in person or by Skype.  Please call for details.

Welcome to 

Ocean Breeze Retreats





Leave your everyday life for a while.


Rest, relax and unwind.


Be cared for.

Heal your wounds.


Abandon your old story.


Be awed.

We provide personal, individualized care, groups and experiences to help you transform and move forward in your life.  Retreats are all-inclusive and are held at private Caribbean villas.  We specialize in retreats and therapy  for those in 12 Step Recovery and addiction related issues.

Our programs consist of weeklong retreats or other special events located in the Akumal and Tulum areas of Mexico on the Caribbean Sea.  Ocean Breeze Retreats are for individuals and groups interested in interpersonal, emotional and spiritual growth. 

Ocean Therapy

We utilize our own Ocean Therapy to help cleanse and soothe any toxic emotions or relationships you may have. Your worries will melt away as you physically experience going with the ebb and flow of the sea. The ocean is changeable and immensely powerful, just like our emotions and our very lives. The ocean is full of life, mystery and joy. Beneath the surface lies an entire world. During Ocean Therapy, you will experience truly going with the flow.


Our emotions are like waves that may wash gently or crash over us. Waves always return to the sea. If you allow yourself to be carried away by them you will feel out of control. If you dig your feet in the sand, you may drown. Maybe you have been unable to even approach your sea of emotions. Our Ocean Therapy can help you learn to look beneath the water, swim and maybe even float.

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Fish need schools for safety and direction. They know they are not alone. Fish alert the group to dangers and take action to protect themselves and the entire school. They take refuge together. Fish help each other to find the best places to explore, eat and rest. This collective effort involves interdependence, communication and connection for the benefit of all.

Our retreats present opportunities to take refuge. We will help you dissolve barriers that may have blocked connections and strengthen your bonds with others.


Join us for Ocean Therapy. Swim with the sea turtles in Akumal Bay. Go snorkeling to see the stunning coral reefs and amazing fish. Walk on the beach, swim in the ocean, sunbathe, relax and reflect. Don’t swim alone.


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Calendar of Events

We are pleased to invite you to our weeklong all-inclusive therapy programs.  Each retreat is an experiential group process in a healing environment.

We will soon be posting our schedule of retreats for 2014.  Please check back with us and like our Facebook page, where we will post updates.

Now available--healing therapies and individual retreat services to fit your needs and schedule! 

Individualized services are available to meet your personal healing and renewal needs.  Travel to Playa del Carmen or anywhere nearby in the Riveria Maya and we will be available to assist you.  Ocean Therapy, individual or couples therapy, massage, yoga, excursions to local attractions, transportation, referral to local 12 Step groups and other services are available according to your personal needs. Travel and accommodations are not incuded.  Please contact us at 267-980-5623 for more information. 

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