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Intimacy, Boundaries, Self-Esteem:

Codependency and Relationships

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Retreat Details

This event is for people who struggle in developing or maintaining solid relationships, including romances or friendships. Such personal struggles are common. Our aim is to help you develop healthy relationships and to feel good about yourself.

Is this retreat right for you? 
People with relationship issues have a lot in common. It may be hard to trust or commit. Maybe you dive into relationships too quickly. Are you isolated or lonely?  Are you controlling? Do you need approval from others and try to make them like you? Perhaps you feel that you are just not good enough. Do others tend to take advantage of you? Do you feel responsible for someone else’s feelings or problems? Do your partners or friends make you feel bad about yourself? Do you have trouble saying no? Maybe you don’t know why your relationships are difficult. Do you give until it hurts? 

No one has all of these issues, but if you can identify some of them in yourself, this retreat is for you!

If you are having persistent problems meeting your needs for love and connection, some patterns have probably developed outside your awareness.  Intimacy difficulties often persist in spite of our repeated efforts to change.  Why?  Behaviors are just the symptoms, not the true nature of what is happening.  We must go beyond the symptoms that rob us of healthy relationships to understand how this happened.  The experience of love and friendship in appropriate ways is vital to healing and change.  We can help you change patterns from a deep level so that you can begin to heal.  Practice healthier connections with others in a safe, supportive environment.


Whether you are looking at these issues for the first time or have been working on them for years, all are invited. 


Come spend a week with us in this tropical paradise--feel better about yourself and your life.

The package includes complete therapy program, lodging, meals, beverages, great staff, infinite white sandy beaches, crystal blue sea.  Travel to and from the retreat site is not included.  We encourage all participants to purchase travel insurance to protect their trip investment.  Please see the FAQ page for more details.

Planned for 2014

Please email us at info@oceanbreezeretreats.com to let us know that you are interested.


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I have never been in group therapy before. I don’t know what to expect.
Therapy groups are a powerful way of connecting intimately with others in a safe environment and learning about yourself. Participants are able to work through difficult, sometimes painful issues without feeling alone. Many people report having life-changing experiences during group therapy. Prior therapy experience is not required.


Will I have to follow a strict schedule?
We will make every effort to balance therapy activities with free time and recreation. There will be a daily schedule that includes meals, group therapy, individual therapy, outdoor group activities, breaks, yoga classes and meditation. There will be ample free time every day. It is important for you to relax, reflect, spend time with new friends and enjoy being in such a beautiful, healing place. During free time, you can get a massage, take private time, lay on the beach, swim in the Caribbean, snorkel with the turtles in the lagoon, go into town to shop or find a good local restaurant. The schedule will be adapted as needed for each particular retreat and group of people. 


Will there be one on one counseling?

Yes, you will meet with your therapist on the day you arrive and periodically throughout your stay.


What if I can’t handle things and freak out?  

You may feel strong feelings and we will support you through them.  You will learn techniques to cope with your emotions and not be overwhelmed by them.  Sometimes people experience anxiety attacks that are frightening.  Our staff is well trained to deal with such experiences, should they ever occur.


What if I don’t want to talk about certain things?  You do not have to talk about anything that you do not wish to talk about.  You may be encouraged to discuss issues that seem important, but your boundaries will be respected.