Ocean Breeze Retreats

Referral Agent Program


We are looking for referral agents to help us locate participants for our retreat programs.  Person to person discussion is our most effective tool for recruiting participants because of the personal nature of our participants' issues, concerns and personal needs.  They need to talk to someone who is very familiar with our retreats and able to 


Ocean Breeze Retreats offers $200 compensation for each client you refer. Referral of groups of more than 3 will be paid at the rate of $225 per client.  


Basic Conditions for Payment

  • Your referral must be properly documented prior to or at the time of contact with staff.
  • The referral must successfully attend and complete the retreat.
  • You must provide personal information as required for tax purposes.
  • You must have a PayPal account in order to receive payments or access to Monex.  Payments will be issued within one week following each retreat.
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